So who am I?

I'm a professional Software Developer and a New Media Designer. What I mean by that is that while I earn a living building all kind of software, I also have a strong interest in the creative use of digital technologies.

To me these two activities complete each others. From the professional software development I have a solid skillset and know-how in Computer Science, which I use to articulate my concepts and allows me to easily create prototypes and implement a design into a final product.

In software development, thinking as a creative problem solver allows me to look beyond the technology while having in mind the practical reality of digital artifacts, therefore I can make decision that balance concept and technology.

As a technical person, I'm driven by challenges and learning new tricks. As a creator I'm looking to explore ideas and while I make technical objects, I'm more interested in the meaning than in the technical details. Ultimately, I get the maximum satisfaction from a project when both technic and meaning are present, complementing and supporting each other.

If you feel the same and need a competent and enthusiastic collaborator for your next challenging and innovative project, contact me!

Selected works

Mimodek, 2010 - Interactive Installation, 2012 - Community Online Tool
Connexity, 2010 - City Planning Tool
Creative Coding - portfolio
War Inside (Y. T. Choo, J. Cremieux; music: Parov Stelar, Etage Noir Recordings) - 2009
War Inside, 2009 - Video
Photo Theater, 2011 - Mobile paper theater
On Fire! (White Glove Tracking project) - 2008
On Fire!, 2008 - Video
CubeAnimator, 2011 - Fulldome production tool

Education, Skills, Experiences

I've been creating software for more than 10 years and professionnally for about 7 years. After obtaining a bachelor in computer science and working for the industry in France and Switzerland, I became seriously interested in art and technology around 2008 and joined the MediaLab Helsinki to learn about New Media Design, and I received my Master of Art in 2011.

While I have never stopped working as a software developer, my creative practice has taken me to Spain, Czech Republic and Croatia where I have exhibited in festivals. Moreover, I have collaborated with several other artists and designers, often helping with the programming part of the project.

Nowadays I'm still involved in commercial projects but I also maintain a creative activity, and I'm now working on more tangible projects.

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⊗ Education

2008 – 2011
MediaLab Helsinki, Aalto University, Finland
Master of Art in New Media Design
2003 – 2005
School of Computing, Napier University, United Kingdom
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Computer Science.
2001 – 2003
IUT2, Université Pierre-Mendès-France, France
DUT – French university degree in Computer Science.

⊗ Skills

Programming languagesJava, C/C++, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Shell scripting
Creative codingProcessing, OpenFrameworks, CinderLib
Physical computingArduino, Wii remote, Kinect
3DBlender, OpenGL, GLSL

Let's be in touch!

I would be happy to hear from you. If you would like to know more about me and my work and discuss possible collaboration, simply send me an email and I'll answer as soon as possible.

I'm based in Helsinki, Finland and at the moment I'm not looking to relocate. Of course if you would be offering the dream job, I could reconsider!

While I enjoy working with other people in the same space, I have nothing against teleworking.